Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey all!
I apologise for the long wait for an update with pictures, but whilst i've been tracking down all the components for the camera, ive still been doing stuff with 40k!

My Grey Knights arrived a while ago, late last month, and so far i've fully painted one and a some of a Justicar. Before you see the miniatures - let me say, this is the first time i've EVER painted Grey Knights, and i'm going to be honest, I think they came out extremely well! Here's the progress:

Grey Knight with Nemesis Force Halberd
Close up of head and body
Shoulder pad freehand
My usual power weapon detail ;D

Here are some WIP shots of my Justicar, I've given him Falschions, i'm yet to do things like the eyes, details, gun arms and sword details, but they shouldn't take too long :)

Justicar 'normal' shot
Close up [ish]

When I painted this Jusitcar, I wanted him to look 'battle torn' so i've tried to do some battle damage - and here's the pics - do they look 3D to you guys?

This is the next Grey Knight to be painted up. I'll update ASAP

Lastly, the JAWAMINIS have finally returned, all nicely painted! I think they look all 'freehandy' and fantastic! Great models Chris, thanks alot! Here are some shots of the beautys:

The squad

Well that's all that's been going, i'll endevour to get some more done and will update ASAP, till then guys, see you all soon!


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  1. Glad you like them Matt. I painted them with a definite cartoony style. I thought they look fun. :)