Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Command squad - LOTS OF KITBASH

Hello all

Since i've been compling multiple versions of different army lists, I decided I wanted to have a kickass close combat anti-infantry squad of destruction, so here it is! My New command squad! It is consistent of 1 captain w/ Relic Blade, Storm Shield & Artificer Armour, 4 veterans w/ Power Weapons and Storm shields and an apothecary. I want to kit them out with a Land Raider Crusader. [its gunna take a while for me to get that :( ]. Nonetheless, here's what i've got:


Veterans 1 through 4:

And lastly, the apothecary (from my other command squad :P)

that's all for now, i'll try to get some work done soon.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holidaying & Army Lists - no posts with pics until Sunday D:

Hey guys, im on holiday right now, so I cant take pics of my marines for obvious reasons.
But on DakkaDakka i've been formulating my first ever army list and will post it here either today or tommorrow.
until then!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Behold, tactical squad Mallarus! - a WIP.-Part 2

Hey all!
More work done on TS Mallarus today, i've finally experimented all the white scwiggily bits of writing, or freehanded arrows or ultramarine symbols that are teeny tiny, and realised that im not half bad! So, of course I couldn't resist but add lots of all of the above on to most members of the squad. I've done some more weathering in the meantime also, and basecoated and washed a few more miniatures and gotten a few to the black undercoat stage.Mallarus now has weathering, and scwiggles :D
This model has to be one of my favourite i've ever done. I think Mallarus is superb.
HB marine has some scwiggles on one of his shoulder pouldrens, and some weathering.
Some more writing

I've also tried to make it look like for every kill gotten by the marines weapon, they'd scratch a numeral into it. Mallarus for example has killed 7 enemies with his bolt pistol.
This marine has an arrow and some writing
Close up of Mallarus' freehand
More of the freehand.
Meanwhile, Corporal Corvus has had some significant work done. I've switched out his head for a slightly different one, for ease when painting the white stripe on his helmet to signify his status, i've also based everything so it's ready for detailing and have done alot of writing on his tabard and leg.I've done some work on the target locator also. Pretty neat eh? :L
Corvus's new helmet with the stripe.
Freehand on the legs.
the other HB marine has had some work done too. I did some more writing, and roman numeral engravements.
There's the numerals and a freehanded U

Thanks for reading,
More on the way!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Behold, tactical squad Mallarus! - a WIP.

Hey guys!
I've begun work on a tactical squad that im the work very hard on, and 'veteranate' (beat the crap) out of them with chips, scratches and battle damages, so here we go with the pics. Before we proceed, let me say that pretty much all the models are at different stages of progression, some are finished, some are only dry-fitted, but nonetheless:

the pics of my WIP lads:

HB Marine 1

Check the battle damage effects beelow the eye and on the shoulder, does it look realistic?
HB Marine 2
Corporal Corvus [leader of 2nd combat squad when combat squadded]
Sergeant Mallarus
the squad so far

more work to come, stay tuned guys!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey all!
I apologise for the long wait for an update with pictures, but whilst i've been tracking down all the components for the camera, ive still been doing stuff with 40k!

My Grey Knights arrived a while ago, late last month, and so far i've fully painted one and a some of a Justicar. Before you see the miniatures - let me say, this is the first time i've EVER painted Grey Knights, and i'm going to be honest, I think they came out extremely well! Here's the progress:

Grey Knight with Nemesis Force Halberd
Close up of head and body
Shoulder pad freehand
My usual power weapon detail ;D

Here are some WIP shots of my Justicar, I've given him Falschions, i'm yet to do things like the eyes, details, gun arms and sword details, but they shouldn't take too long :)

Justicar 'normal' shot
Close up [ish]

When I painted this Jusitcar, I wanted him to look 'battle torn' so i've tried to do some battle damage - and here's the pics - do they look 3D to you guys?

This is the next Grey Knight to be painted up. I'll update ASAP

Lastly, the JAWAMINIS have finally returned, all nicely painted! I think they look all 'freehandy' and fantastic! Great models Chris, thanks alot! Here are some shots of the beautys:

The squad

Well that's all that's been going, i'll endevour to get some more done and will update ASAP, till then guys, see you all soon!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Camera Update and Video Contest

Hey guys, I found the camera card on Friday, but believe it or not my brother the CAMERA at a band member of his's house, so I STILL can't get any pics!! GRRRRR,

So, since i'm not really able to update, I'll just have to do something else.
I entered DarthBurn's youtube video introduction contest and made and editted an intro for him. you can find it here:

Please press the 'like' button [or the thumbs up], as this is how the contest is being judged.
Wish me luck! And ill try to get the camera back ASAP.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey guys!
I sincerely apologise for updating in something like 2 weeks - I've been meaning to snap photos of my COMPLETED Grey Knights that came a week before the GKs came out :D (I dont know why - is it because I preordered?) but for the last 2 weeks my camera card's been missing, and believe me, i've tried to relocate it, sadly to no avail :(

but nonetheless, my endevours to find my camera card shall continue, and i'll try to update as soon as possible. Thanks!