Saturday, April 16, 2011

Behold, tactical squad Mallarus! - a WIP.

Hey guys!
I've begun work on a tactical squad that im the work very hard on, and 'veteranate' (beat the crap) out of them with chips, scratches and battle damages, so here we go with the pics. Before we proceed, let me say that pretty much all the models are at different stages of progression, some are finished, some are only dry-fitted, but nonetheless:

the pics of my WIP lads:

HB Marine 1

Check the battle damage effects beelow the eye and on the shoulder, does it look realistic?
HB Marine 2
Corporal Corvus [leader of 2nd combat squad when combat squadded]
Sergeant Mallarus
the squad so far

more work to come, stay tuned guys!

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