Saturday, June 11, 2011

Apothecary down!

The apothecary's been done too! I present, Brother Aeven!
I'm working on more of a quicker, game excelling command squad now too and will post some updates of that.
Until then guys, enjoy!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

1st vet done

Hey guys,

first veteran's done. All I can say really :P


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Command squad arrived yesterday!

The command squad came yesterday!! Oh joy!!
Pics of what i've done so far above. More to come!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update: Incoming: Command Squad

iron halo for captain
veteran sgt heads
plastic libby
plastic chaplain

Hey guys!

If any of you have read my command squad loadout thread, you'd know that i'm going to try and make an 'aesthetically superior' command squad, which was successfully ordered today!
Since the bits site was in america, and im in NZ, it'll probably be anywhere between 1-2 weeks, maybe even a month! But when it arrives, i'll be sure to update you all on anything that happens.
In the meantime, though, I modelled another plastic libby and a plastic chaplain (whom i need to paint over) and started work on 2 veteran sgts for my 'list' and will update you on these until my command squad arrives.

I also modelled some placeholders for my command squad (they're just dry fitted with the shields and helmets im using so I know where they are when the squad arrives :P) and I modelled on that looking cool, sort of a 'landing' pose, and thought I'd show you.
Lastly, I made an Iron halo for my RB/SS Captain from chopping the top off a Nemisis Warding Staff and snipping here and there, and i'll show you what he looks like in the next update (if I remember :D)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scouts with helmets?

hey guys!

unless you've been following on DakkaDakka, you wouldn't know that recently i've been working on some helmeted scouts for one of my lists. [the helmets dont change any saves or anything, just for looks!] But heres where I am so far:

my presonal preference is that I think the last scout is the best so far, but more is coming!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Golden Demon Entry #2 - Captain / Chapter master Done!

Hey Lads! (for some reason this always makes a link - so...expect that from now on!)

So I finished the captain today. Pretty pleased with the result. So this will be my 2nd Golden Daemon Entry! (he's not replacing the first one, I can enter two categories) Especially this leg :)
tell me what you guys think.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Command squad - LOTS OF KITBASH - WIP Part 3

Hey guys

I did some more work on my Captain, (obviously, he's still being WIP'd, I used blue tack to hold him together to show what he'd look like - I paint parts individually you see[apart from torso and legs])

Nonetheless, to the point. I did your lightening effect on my captain's Relic Blade/Power Sword.

I think it came out ok, what do guys think?

Relic Blade/Power weapon side 1
Relic Blade/Power weapon side 2
More Shield progress
Overall work
Different Angle


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cattattafish inspired storm shield - Captain WIP

I did some more work on the captain, started on the shield, doing a Cattattafish style effect on the shield. Thanks for the idea cat!

more to come


Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Command squad - LOTS OF KITBASH

Hello all

Since i've been compling multiple versions of different army lists, I decided I wanted to have a kickass close combat anti-infantry squad of destruction, so here it is! My New command squad! It is consistent of 1 captain w/ Relic Blade, Storm Shield & Artificer Armour, 4 veterans w/ Power Weapons and Storm shields and an apothecary. I want to kit them out with a Land Raider Crusader. [its gunna take a while for me to get that :( ]. Nonetheless, here's what i've got:


Veterans 1 through 4:

And lastly, the apothecary (from my other command squad :P)

that's all for now, i'll try to get some work done soon.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holidaying & Army Lists - no posts with pics until Sunday D:

Hey guys, im on holiday right now, so I cant take pics of my marines for obvious reasons.
But on DakkaDakka i've been formulating my first ever army list and will post it here either today or tommorrow.
until then!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Behold, tactical squad Mallarus! - a WIP.-Part 2

Hey all!
More work done on TS Mallarus today, i've finally experimented all the white scwiggily bits of writing, or freehanded arrows or ultramarine symbols that are teeny tiny, and realised that im not half bad! So, of course I couldn't resist but add lots of all of the above on to most members of the squad. I've done some more weathering in the meantime also, and basecoated and washed a few more miniatures and gotten a few to the black undercoat stage.Mallarus now has weathering, and scwiggles :D
This model has to be one of my favourite i've ever done. I think Mallarus is superb.
HB marine has some scwiggles on one of his shoulder pouldrens, and some weathering.
Some more writing

I've also tried to make it look like for every kill gotten by the marines weapon, they'd scratch a numeral into it. Mallarus for example has killed 7 enemies with his bolt pistol.
This marine has an arrow and some writing
Close up of Mallarus' freehand
More of the freehand.
Meanwhile, Corporal Corvus has had some significant work done. I've switched out his head for a slightly different one, for ease when painting the white stripe on his helmet to signify his status, i've also based everything so it's ready for detailing and have done alot of writing on his tabard and leg.I've done some work on the target locator also. Pretty neat eh? :L
Corvus's new helmet with the stripe.
Freehand on the legs.
the other HB marine has had some work done too. I did some more writing, and roman numeral engravements.
There's the numerals and a freehanded U

Thanks for reading,
More on the way!