Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update: Incoming: Command Squad

iron halo for captain
veteran sgt heads
plastic libby
plastic chaplain

Hey guys!

If any of you have read my command squad loadout thread, you'd know that i'm going to try and make an 'aesthetically superior' command squad, which was successfully ordered today!
Since the bits site was in america, and im in NZ, it'll probably be anywhere between 1-2 weeks, maybe even a month! But when it arrives, i'll be sure to update you all on anything that happens.
In the meantime, though, I modelled another plastic libby and a plastic chaplain (whom i need to paint over) and started work on 2 veteran sgts for my 'list' and will update you on these until my command squad arrives.

I also modelled some placeholders for my command squad (they're just dry fitted with the shields and helmets im using so I know where they are when the squad arrives :P) and I modelled on that looking cool, sort of a 'landing' pose, and thought I'd show you.
Lastly, I made an Iron halo for my RB/SS Captain from chopping the top off a Nemisis Warding Staff and snipping here and there, and i'll show you what he looks like in the next update (if I remember :D)


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