Monday, December 6, 2010

Space Marine Plastic Librarian conversion!

Hey Guys!

This is my plastic kit-bashed ultramarines libarian. I found some extra parts all around my 'hobby area' and found that I had enough stuff to make a kit-bashed librarian conversion. So after dry-fitting, assembling and painting the miniature, he was finished. Parts are from -
-Force weapon:SM standard top, Power axe, BA Standard pole
-Head: Black Templar upgrade sprue
-Book on backpack: Dark angels upgrade sprue
-Crux terminatus shoulder pad and Ultramarines shoulder pad:SM Captain model sprues
-Body and kneeling legs: Command squad sprue
-Backpack: pretty much anywhere
-Left arm: plasma pistol 'pointing' arm
-Left hand: The unclenched version of a hand from the sanguinary guard box set.
here are some pics. Enjoy!