Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Matthew's WIP blog 2 - Plastic Vanguard Veterans part 2

Hey all,
I decided that i'd start working on my vanguard veterans whilst I waited for the chapter master to arrive, so i've done more work, I decided to go for a harder, but great looking helmet technique, consisting of:
-Astronomican Grey [watered down] basecoat.
-HEAVY wash of badab black
-Go back and paint all the flat parts with thin layers of astronomican grey, leaving a thick, even darker shadow-line along all edges.

Here are some pics of what i'm up to.
Below each pic are descriptions of poses etc

Cinematic picture of squad. I think it's awesome :D

First marine - Landing and observing
Flying towards an enemy, ready to slash.

The only finished marine [base aside]-flying towards enemies

Just landed - Shooting

Moving towards the enemy

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