Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update: 'things' i've been working on

Hey all!
After moving into the new house, i've started again at my 40k, slowly. I finished a death-company-space-wolves-tactical-squad-kitbash marine [yes that's what they're now called :L]

i've done work on a bike squad i purchased for my birthday, and have basecoatde all 3.

I saw the new Grey-Knights on the GW website, and I have to say that they look absolutely fantastic! So i've pre-ordered a set of the normal 'Grey-knights' and am looking forward to recieving them - i painted a marine in a grey knights colour scheme, seeing as ive never done the scheme before, and think it turned out quite nice, thin and smooth for metallics. :D

Ill keep you all posted,


pics below

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