Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to Paint Ultramarines Guide

Hi! Its finally finished! This is the way I paint Ultramarines. This guide is loaded with pics and step by step instructions on how to paint them. Enjoy!

STEP 1 : Torso and Legs.

Firstly, Basecoat the miniature using the foundation paint, Mordian blue.
Secondly, wash the the torso and legs with the asurmen blue wash. Don't assemble any other parts of the model at this stage.
Next, basecoat the chest eagle, bolt on the belt, purity seals and weak armour points with Chaos black.
Paint the chest eagle with Dwarf Bronze. Be careful and paint each feather individually or you will not get as good an effect. also, paint the bolt with Boltgun Metal, the tip of the purity seal with mechrite red, and lastly the paper with dheneb stone.
Do the same as before on the chest eagle with Shining Gold, and then wash it with Devlan mud. Wash the belt bolt and seal tip with Badab Black, and lastly wash the purity paper with Devlan Mud.

STEP 2 : Boltgun
Firstly, Base the whole gun with Chaos Black
Then, paint the everything except the "box" bit around the front with Boltgun Metal (This includes eagle and the bullet case thing)
Wash the whole Boltgun with Badab Black.

STEP 3 : Shoulder Pads.
To start, Paint the front with Mordian Blue and wash with Asurmen like before. Then paint the rims including the bottom and the back with chaos black.
Paint the rims again, this time using Dwarf Bronze.
Paint the rims AGAIN but this time use Shining Gold.

STEP 4: Helmet.
The helmet can be very hard to do. You'll need a steady hand to paint eyes to this sort of standard -
But with practice, this can be achieved.
Base the helmet in the same way you did with the body and shoulder pads. Paint the grill, eyes, pipes, skull and little bolts on the side with Chaos Black. For the eyes, paint the whole area with mechrite red, leaving a thin black line between the eye and the helmet. Secondly, paint from the middle of the eye in towards the forhead with Blood Red. Now do the same from a quarter of the way out with Blazing Orange. Lastly, to finish the effect, stipple a tiny white dot on the outside of either eye as small as possible for a shine effect.
Now paint all other parts basecoated with Bolltgun metal, and then wash with Badab Black.

STEP 5 : Backpack
Base in the same way as the helmet, body and shoulder pads. Wash in the same way too. Then base the Jetpack-like grills, skull and the part on the back with the wires in it with Chaos Black. Paint with Boltgun Metal, and wash with Badab Black

STEP 6 : Assembly
All you have to do now is assemble and base your model, and your done! Here are some pictures of my finished product -

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you guys!
Comments/criticisms welcome. Please follow the blog for more guides and updates!


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  1. This is very good guide for anyone either starting out or wanting to improve. I really enjoyed it!